Helpful Research on Going to College

Please remember that some websites may be more helpful to you than others. No single site will have all the answers, or even always correct answers, but visiting a variety of sites can lead you to the right decision.

College Calendar:

Finding the Right Colleges For You, U.S. Department of Education:

College Affordability and Transparency Center: For objecting information on colleges, their cost and majors:

Educational Testing Service:

Complete College America:

Information for International Students:

• The Condition of Education 2012, NCES
• The Internet & the Future of Higher Education Study, PEW
• With their whole lives ahead of them study,
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• 1970 vs 2010 education data, U.S. Census Bureau
• America’s Youth – Transition to Adulthood, NCES
• College Students Prefer Tablets for Reading, Pearson Foundation

3 Great Books on College

Although we’ve worked hard to make this directory as comprehensive as possible, no one book has all the answers, so we felt you’d find these books helpful.

Campus Visits & College Interviews by Zola Dincin Schneider, a college advisor with over 20 years experience. This book explains
everything college-bound students and their parents need to know about planning campus visits and preparing for college interviews. Among subjects the book covers are weighing options, mapping visits, making arrangements, how to read a college catalog, and what questions to ask the Interviewer.
The book includes 14 handy checklists to help students track their progress.

IN! College Admissions and Beyond by Lillian Luterman & Jennifer Bloom, mother and daughter team of college admissions consultants, is another must-read for students and their parents. In it the authors present a step-by-step strategy for completing winning admissions applications and getting you in to the college of your choice. “It is often the well-rounded student, an ideal many applicants strive for, who gets rejected.” They suggest students create distinction by identifying a passion and “layering it,” showcasing their interests and talents. Among the subjects the book covers are campus visits, letters of recommendation and college interviews. The book is further enhanced by fill-in charts, New Yorker cartoons, case studies, and sidebars for parents.

Latinos in College: your guide to success by Mariela Dabbah, award winning author of Help Your Children Succeed in High School and Go to College. From start to finish this book is packed full of vital information for college-bound students and their parents on everything from taking the mystery out of choosing and financing college and living away from home to managing your time and money and preparing for life after college. I found chapter 15, Taking Advantage of What Your College Has to Offer, particularly helpful. It suggests developing leadership skills by volunteering, joining or working for student organizations and associations. Another chapter that I found particularly helpful is chapter 16, which discusses being your own BFF (Best Friends Forever)by taking care of yourself while in college. Aside from studying make time for sleep, exercise, socializing, and eating well. At the back of the book you will find helpful resources including a list of Top Colleges for Latino Students.
The book was published by
Consultare in 2009.

by Annie Perez