For Our Children: A Study and Critical Discussion of the Influences on American Indian and Alaska Native Education Policy

Inequities in educational opportunities, resources, research, and meaningful discussion are widespread for American Indian and Alaska Native students in the overarching context of American education.

California Law Review Circuit

American Indian Legal Scholarship and the Courts: Heeding Frickey’s Call

Facts About American Indian Education

As a result of living in remote rural areas, American Indians living on reservations have limited access to higher education.

Grounded in Tradition, Charging Into the Future

But what does it mean for you to “charge into the future”, in what is becoming a more knowledge‐based, globally‐competitive economy

National Indian Education Study 2011

The National Indian Education Study (NIES) is designed to describe the condition of education for American Indian and Alaska Native students in the United States.

Native Education 101

Basic Facts about American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Education

UCR Program Introduces Native American High School Students to University Life

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — The University of California, Riverside will welcome 30 Native American high school students to the campus this month in an eight‐day program that will introduce them to colle