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Empowering Latino Students Initiative

First generation Latino and immigrant students most often dropout of college due to a lack of funding and insufficient academic support. Data from the US Department of Education shows that a staggering 50% of Latino students drop out of post secondary education before completing their second year of studies (US Department of Education). Students should be able to cover tuition, school materials and living expenses, but that is not always possible. 


Over the past 25 years, Empowering Latino Futures ( has tried to increase college success through its Empowering Students program that has existed as a printed directory and CDs of financial resources and a database of 2,100 scholarships and grants. To increase accessibility to this database of resources, we are developing The Empowering Latino Students Initiative.


Our goal is to empower Latino students facing funding shortages and to increase college graduation rates. Your donations will support this bilingual interactive website to effectively link Latino students to available funding and support.

  • A free interactive and searchable website, to provide a quick, user-friendly way for students, parents, guardians, and counselors to access scholarships and grant funds online.
  • The website will provide – in English and Spanish – guidance to assist students in identifying and qualifying for scholarships and grants and helping them find Latino and DACA friendly programs
  • It will provide calendars and guidance to help Latino students successfully qualify and apply for these funds.
  • Uniquely, it will include materials to help users understand both the financial aid and college admission processes and “how-to” guides to help parents and guardians support their students as they prepare for and complete funding applications.