About Empowering Students

This website lists 2,100+ sources of funding a college education which collectively offer over 230,000 individual scholarships totaling over $900 million. There’s also helpful information on preparing to go to college, a college timeline, and how to find a career you’ll love. Much of the resources included are focused on the two most underrepresented groups in college: Latinos and American Indians. That is why we included over 75 Insights from community leaders on the value of going to college. EmpoweringStudents.com is a great resource for students in high school who are thinking about college – or are already in college and need more money.


7 Ways to Use This Resource website

  1. Learn from the many insights from leaders. Use the Insights from our various professionals to provide advice on questions you might have, and share them with friends to motivate them about going to college.
  2. Use the College Timeframes to plan your future while you are in High School.
  3. Use the Resource Center listings as a jumping point to links to websites; to carefully selected research; key organizations; and helpful books. These lead you to thousands of pages of additional information.
  4. Use the Current College Trends article to better understand the variety of directions college is going in. We also have comprehensive data articles within the Latino and American Indian sections.
  5. Use website profiled with careers information early to help decide on the right career for you. And please do not forget to do internships.
  6. Use the Latinos Insights and American Indian Insights to get a better understanding of key organizations, resources, etc. that these communities have.
  7. Most of all, spend time searching within our list of scholarships. Please remember that data is always changing, so if you reach a dead end on one agency there’s likely a positive one around the corner. Keep looking & use the search categories to find the scholarships best suited to you.

By Kirk Whisler

Why College Will Change Your Life

I want every one of you to get everything out of life that you can. I want you to find a career that is both financially rewarding and, just as importantly, one that you enjoy. I want you, if you want, to get married and have a family. I want each of you to find a way to give back to your community. Going to college is a great step towards accomplishing all of these desires.

College opened my eyes to so many things. If I’d never gone to East Los Angeles Community College, and then on to Cal State University Los Angeles, I’m confident that I never would have become the actor/director/activist that I am today.

Here are four more reasons to go to college:

  • To be a role model to your siblings and neighbors.
  • To make your mother and father proud.
  • To earn a better living.
  • To provide a better life for your family in the future.

I know how much effort has gone into this Directory – and how much it offers to each of you. I hope you’ll make good use of the Directory in achieving your college goals.

Over the years I’ve spoken at over 400 college campuses and I’m always amazed at the excitement that college students have. This excitement is not merely about college, but also an interest in living and discovering new things and thoughts.

I look forward to seeing you at one of my visits to a college soon,

By Edward James Olmos

SER-Jobs for Progress, Our Partner

SER (Service, Employment, and Redevelopment) is a national network of Community Based Organizations(CBO’s) that formulates and advocates initiatives resulting in the increased development and utilization of America’s human resources, with special emphasis on the needs of Hispanics, in the areas of education, training, employment, business and economic opportunity.

SER National aims to develop the capacity of the SER network through the provision of technical assistance, research and planning, program and policy development, and fundraising.